Our country’s 250th anniversary is barely a decade away, and still we are troubled by racial and religious tensions, poverty, and violence. How have artists responded to these problems? And how does the art of a free people differ from the art of a tyrannized people? Santa Bannon/Fine Art is pleased to announce a new initiative entitled “We, the People: Images of American Life.” Led by Brian H. Peterson, retired Chief Curator of the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, this project will become a rotating, permanent display in the gallery space, and will eventually result in a series of small SBFA-sponsored publications exploring the lives and work of deserving but lesser-known practitioners of art that celebrates everyday life—not symbolically, but through empathic and insightful connections between artists and ordinary people. 

With more then 30 years experience in the exhibit field, Mr. Peterson is uniquely qualified for this project, having produced several major scholarly monographs on historic Bucks County painters as well as the definitive work on the  Pennsylvania Impressionist School of landscape painting. He also curated                                                                                                                                                                                                    important exhibits dealing with politically oriented painting of the 1930s, and is a widely respected lecturer and author whose career was lauded in a special tribute in the journal of the Curators Committee of the American Alliance of Museums as “a remarkable record of curatorial achievement.”

Mr. Peterson’s expertise will also be available on a consulting basis, time permitting, through SBFA for research and commentary on painters of the American landscape tradition. 

There is a fee associated with authentication and research of specific works as well as honorarium for presentations; contact gallery for more information.

Selected list of artists of particular interest to SBFA:  Norman Rubington

Louis Bosa

Clarence Holbrook Carter

Sue Coe

Joseph Delaney

Phillip Evergood

John Grabach

William Gropper

Eugene Higgins

Joe Jones

Rockwell Kent

Reginald Marsh

William S. Schwartz

Ben Shahn

Simka Simkhovitch

Clyde Singer



in collaboration with Brian H. Peterson

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